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Updated: Mar 15, 2022

This is a Nua Roure that we built for David from El Paso, Texas. If we have to describe it in one word, it would be “versatile”.

The first characteristic that makes it a “do-it-all” bicycle is our Adventure titanium handlebar, which looks like a stingray, offering various hands position, comfort and a great control.

And yes, the steerer is uncut, so David can adjust the handlebar height as he needs.

adventure titanium handlebar

David chose a Pinion P1.18, which is the top of the range on Pinion gearboxes offer, with a 630% range, and told us about his experience : "The gear range is impressive. Climbed some steep hills and it gave me way more low end than any of my other bikes" and of course Gates Carbon Drive belt is the best companion for the Pinion gearbox, an ideal combo for a rugged on off road bike like this one.

Pinion P1.18, Pinion gearbox, Pinion bike

Pinion P1.18

He also chose the 4 piston option for the Shimano XT brake calipers.

David included one of our titanium bottle cages in his order, but the bike has eyelets to mount a few more, plus 3-bolt attachments on the seat stays and 3-Bolt attachments on the fork. As said, a versatile off-road bikepacking machine.

The rest of the components are the perfect touch for a clean and elegant but rugged final product:

Berthoud saddle  Nua titanium seatpost

Berthoud saddle + Nua titanium seatpost = comfort.

A SON thru axle generator hub supplies energy to the lights and a USB charger, so the bike is energetically self-sufficient.

We hope you like it as much as we liked building it!

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