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Updated: Jun 27, 2023

pinion gearbox titanium bicycle titanium bike brakes shifters
Nua Sílice Pinion

Building a Pinion dropbar bike has never been easy. Pinion only offers shifters for flat bars, and the only Pinion road brake shifters that have ever existed on the market, have been out of stock since they were released on the market due to problems in their production, and their manufacturer has stopped offering them to builders and bike manufacturers.

We have some designs in mind (and on paper) to replace them and we hope to have the time and resources to develop them soon, but at the moment, the only option on the market to shift gears in your Pinion gearbox from a dropbar is a special rotary shifter, with a bigger internal diameter, designed to be installed on dropbar flats, near the stem clamp. It works perfectly and is extremely reliable and robust.

salsa cowchipper Crane E-NE Japan bell bicycle bell Brooks Cambium Rubber bar tape
Salsa Cowchipper handlebar with SuperShifter

We took advantage of this beautiful Nua Sílice Pinion that we built for Joachim in Germany to officially introduce the new system to you, although in fact we have already built many more units in this way, and the feedback from customers is good.

pinion bike titanium bicycle bikeparts carbon fork
Nua Sílice Pinion

Since the shifter is no longer integrated into the brakes, like witH the older system, we can't just install some standard hydro road brifters, instead we'll need brakes without shifter levers, also called "single speed" road brakes. As you can imagine, there aren't many dropbar single speed disc bicycles out there, so brake manufacturers haven't bothered to develop these types of brakes, at least in a hydraulic format.

Our choice has been thought and tested for quite some time, and we are happy with the result, and it is a hybrid system consisting of:

a- Juintech 4-piston hydraulic disc brake calipers. These pliers have impressed us from the start with their power, easy noise-free adjustment, and simplicity. They have a sealed and maintenance-free hydraulic circuit, which is operated by cable:

brakes bicycle brakes hybrid brakes
Juintech Hybrid GT-P 4 pistons brakes

b- Some mechanical Sram S900 (cable actuated) road levers, light, beautiful, with reach adjustment and short reach, ideal for acting reliably and precisely on hydraulic disc brake calipers.

The system is simple, with hardly any maintenance and easy to repair on the road, so it is very appropriate for adventure, bikepacking, etc.

titanium bikeparts carbon fork gravel bicycle
Nua Sílice Pinion

And to finish, we leave you with some of the photos that Joachim sent. The bike just out of the box and built up and ready for the action. Hir dog seems quite interested in the Nua and makes it look so small!

We hope you liked this Nua as much as we did building it. Until next time!

If you want to see more about our models and components, or if you want to configure your own Nua, do not hesitate to enter our builders in the "Bikes" section of our website or just write to us at

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