This Nua Custom rack goes from side panniers mode to big platform mode in 20 seconds and 2 screws…

Have you ever thought you could do this with a custom rack? Well, we believe we can do it...we believe in materializing ideas.

Ryobun from Japan ordered us this wild Roure frameset to build himself a wild bike with it. Besides, he asked us to build a custom front rack with a big platform, but one that he could remove and screw on the side of the rack when he didn't need it. Nice idea, but the brain of an engineer is a constant jukebox of creations, so Roberto came up with a slightly different approach... "Ryobun, what about if the big platform fold itself, so there is no need to remove it, and besides give it the functionality of hanging side panniers?" After a big "Yes!" and some thinking (and a lot of Marcos welding torch magic), we end with a system rugged but light (1 Kg total) which folds moving only 2 screws. We are pretty proud of this job and Ryobun is pretty happy, and we are looking forward to seeing the final build he ends with.

We shape our client's wishes with a great distinctive touch from Nua´s soul and creativity. Functional art they say out there...

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