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About Us

We are a small bicycle builder based in the inspiring city of Barcelona. The rich urban and design culture of the city inspires our city range, but our off-road heart lies in the mountains of the Montseny, in the Girona biking paradise, where we build each bike to order in our workshop, and where we test our gravel and adventure machines.

Nua is the Catalan word for nude. Our name reveals much about our philosophy and about our bikes. We try to be genuine in everything we do, searching for the essence of things and acting accordingly.

Buying a Nua doesn’t just mean buying a bike, it means adhering to a concept and an identity. Our philosophy is to create timeless treasures. Our bikes are very special objects designed and crafted to be part of your everyday life. They have sometimes been described as "utilitarian art".

We stand firmly against planned obsolescence and we responsibly build durable bikes. Each and every one of our titanium frames comes with a lifetime warranty, and all the components we install are simply the best available.

The core of this concept is the backbone of your bike: a solid, sturdy, lightweight frame made out of one of the noblest materials on earth: TITANIUM. Corrosion and fatigue resistant like no other metal, and extremely comfortable.

We custom build your unique titanium bicycle to order in our small shop, with internal gearboxes, belt drives, and much love. And we ship it to your door, wherever you live on the planet.

Ordering Process

In the "BIKE" menu you’ll find our customizable bike models.

On each page you will find a link button to a BIKE BUILDER tool to configure your Nua, with information and prices for each optional component. Choose your preferred components and at the end of the process you will see the final price of your bike.

You will also find relevant information about payments, taxes, delivery times, etc.

Fill in the form with your personal information and click the SEND button. You will receive a PDF copy of your configuration by email, and we will contact you shortly afterwards.

Note: WE BUILD BESPOKE BIKES! Currently, all our bikes are custom-made to order and ALL the frames are custom-sized to fit the owner perfectly. Even the geometry can be tuned according to rider preferences and riding style.
So please don't ask us for a sizing or geometry chart. Once a deposit is paid, we will request some measurements and other information, and will work on a specific drawing for your frame/bike.

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