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Drac (Dragon in Catalan), is our MTB hardtail. Its stylized titanium frame gives it a classic feeling, but the bike exudes hi-tech through its pores. A beautiful combination that stands out among the hundreds of carbon bikes that you will find at your local mountains.
We could include it in the Trail or All Mountain category if you like categories, although the important thing here is what we had in mind when we designed it: fun and versatility. We have spent a lot of time designing and testing its modern progressive geometry, falling into the long, low and slack trend. Its 65º steering angle and long wheelbase make it particularly stable and fun going downhill, but we have made sure that it performs like a dream in any type of conditions. Equipped with 29er wheels and up to 2.6" tires, traction, comfort and safety are assured.
Its Pinion gearbox and Carbon Drive belt transmission make it maintenance-free, like the rest of Nua bikes. No more derailleurs destroyed by a stone or fall, no more having to change the cassette and chain every season, and no more oily or overly dry chains, hitting your chainstay on potholes. Just precise, quiet, worry-free operation.

Lastly, we didn't want to stop offering the typical versatility of our bikes, so we have equipped it with multiple mounting points for racks, bottle cages, anything cages, top tube bags, etc., making the bike a perfect option for your bikepacking adventures. 




Use the following buttons to access our configuration tool and build your very own Nua.

See suggested components and upgrades and a final quote for your configuration :


WE BUILD BESPOKE BIKES! Currently, all our bikes are custom-made to order and ALL the frames are custom-sized to fit the owner perfectly. Even the geometry can be tuned according to rider preferences and riding style.
So please don't ask us for a sizing or geometry chart. Once a deposit is paid, we will request some measurements and other information, and will work on a specific drawing for your frame/bike.

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