Nua Silice with 650B wheels

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Nua Silice with 700C wheels, equipped with Rohloff 14 Speeds and integrated lighting system

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Nua Silice Rohloff with 650B wheels

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Nua Silice with 650B wheels

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Fast but comfortable, everywhere.

This is our do-it all, go anywhere bike. Gravel or road, commuting or bike-packing, you choose.

It comes with 650B-48mm Road Plus wheels, but you can ask us for a pair of standard 700C gravel wheels with up to 40mm tires.  

Available with a Rohloff 14 speeds rear hub or with a Pinion gearbox, 9 or 12 speeds.


For those who demand all from their bicycle.


Use the following buttons to access our configuration tool and build your very own Nua. See suggested components and upgrades and a final quote for your configuration :


WE BUILD BESPOKE BIKES! Currently, all our bikes are custom-made to order and ALL the frames are custom-sized to fit the owner perfectly. Even the geometry can be tuned according to rider preferences and riding style.
So please don't ask us for a sizing or geometry chart. Once a deposit is paid, we will request some measurements and other information, and will work on a specific drawing for your frame/bike.