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We've long dreamed of an enhanced and super vitaminized version of gravel, which erases the few limits that this type of bike can have in the harshest conditions of the mountains, where only an MTB is usually found like fish in the water. And that's how our Terra was born, a mix between a Gravel and an MTB, capable of anything.
Its wide tires increase shock absorption and traction, the modern geometry improves stability and confidence on fast descents, higher BB increases clearance with rocks and tree branches, dropper compatibility to lower the center of gravity on the descents and lots of mounts  to attach stuff to your bike, are the keys that make this bike capable of doing anything.


Use the following buttons to access our configuration tool and build your very own Nua. See suggested components and upgrades and a final quote for your configuration :


WE BUILD BESPOKE BIKES! Currently, all our bikes are custom-made to order and ALL the frames are custom-sized to fit the owner perfectly. Even the geometry can be tuned according to rider preferences and riding style.
So please don't ask us for a sizing or geometry chart. Once a deposit is paid, we will request some measurements and other information, and will work on a specific drawing for your frame/bike.

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