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From time to time, a Nua bike owner takes the time to write us a detailed and in-depth feedback, which we always greatly appreciate. In this case, Samuel details his experience with his Nua Roure Pinion, equipped with a Volare foldable rack. Perhaps the perfect ATB (All Terrain Bike)? Without further ado, we leave you with his unfiltered opinion:

The perfect All Terrain Bike
Nua Roure Pinion

“REVIEW: Nua Roure Pinion trekking bike, Volare front rack, Toroloco handlebar

Short version: very good; solid; high quality; can recommend.

I ordered my Nua Roure bike after extensive design discussions with the Nua Bike team. I specifically mention this, because I had a lot of questions; Roberto was willing to answer everything fast and accurately. The customer service was impressive.

The bike was delivered safely without issue. It was packed with care, and included everything exactly as specified.

After riding the bike for about 2 months, I am impressed by how 'solid' it feels. It handles road, dirt, mud, snow and ice with reassuring stability. Everything functions exactly as it should: rolls smoothly, shifts easily, nothing wobbles - it just works. The custom ergonomics and component configuration fit well, making it very comfortable to ride.

The frame and front fork welding quality is (visually) flawless; I expected less precision from a custom frame, but it looks better than most mass produced frames. The internal routing ports keep cables out of the way in the right places, and let me mount the dropper post cables neatly. The frame is adequately rigid in the right places, while providing that 'muted' titanium feel. The frame and front fork design is functional and elegant.

The perfect All Terrain Bike

The Volare folding front rack is nice. I have tested it carrying shopping bags, kids toys, wooden planks, and even two pairs of kids skis.

I am not sure what weight it can handle, but I feel like it could carry a lot more than anything I have tried so far. It folds up and down as expected, but it requires a Hex tool to change. I exchanged the Hex head screw for a thumb screw so I could fold it without tools (should be standard); now it is easy to adjust. I actually use the rack more than expected, and I am happy with it. 

The perfect All Terrain Bike
Volare foldable rack

The perfect All Terrain Bike
Volare foldable rack

The Toroloco handlebars do the job. They are comfortable - no complaints. So far I have only used the 'horns' to hang my gloves and helmet, but I assume they would be good to have on longer rides.

The perfect All Terrain Bike
Toroloco handlebar

The only negative aspect is the kickstand stability. When the bike is heavily loaded, especially with weight on the front rack, the bike tends to fall. The stand attachment screws also loosen over time. Perhaps a more robust kickstand, and a screw + locking nut connection, would solve these issues.

The perfect All Terrain Bike

Overall, I am satisfied with my new bike. It was worth the investment (time & money) to get a customized bike I plan to use for many years. 

Thanks Nua Bikes!


If you want to see more about our models and components, or if you want to configure your own Nua, do not hesitate to enter our builders in the "Bikes" section of our website or just write to us at

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