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Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Rachelle and Grant are an Australian couple with a non conventional lifestyle. They decided to combine their profession (teaching) with their passion for traveling and discovering new cultures, so every year, they look for a different place to work.

After spending five years teaching in Malaysia, and having six free months before their next job in Cambodia, they decided to use that time to discover Europe. And what better way of doing this than traveling by bicycle??

With that plan in their minds, the next step was to look for two robust touring bicycles that could carry their 25 kg baggage and go into a new world for them, pedaling long distances every day, improvising where to sleep every night, and enjoying the colors and flavors of “the old Europe”.

Luckly, being about to buy two bikes from a well-known German brand, they found Nua and fell in love with the beauty of our bikes, and after exchanging a few emails with us, they were convinced of the benefits of a titanium frame and tailored construction both of their bikes as well as of the racks in which to transport their luggage. And just like that the magic process of imagining and creating their bikes began, which ended a few months later when Rachelle and Grant landed in Barcelona to pick up their bikes and begin their journey to the unknown.

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You can follow Rachelle's and Grant's adventures on Instagram: @shell_grant_cycle and on their Blog:

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Special thanks to the guys of @volta_b for sharing their amazing bike shop in Barcelona center for the bikes pick-up.

Thanks for reading us! Until next time.

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