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Updated: Mar 15, 2022

We are super excited about our new model, the Nua Terra.

If you already know us, you will know that in Nua we are not in favor of specialized bikes designed only to function according to certain conditions. Although this type of bike has its pros and cons, it does not fit our mindset for several reasons.

Gravel bikes are pretty versatile, so we made them, and our Nua Sílice is one of our most successful models: It’s a versatile gravel bike, an amazing commuter, used by owners for bikepacking and ultra-cycling, or just for weekend trips.

We've long dreamed of an enhanced and super vitaminized version of gravel, which erases the few limits that this type of bike can have in the harshest conditions of the mountains, where only a MTB is usually found like fish in the water.

And that's how our Terra was born, a mix between a Gravel and an MTB, capable of anything.

The keys to achieve this have been:

  • Wide tires increase shock absorption and traction: this bike fits 3” wide tires in 27,5” (also available with 29er up to 2,3”).

  • Modern geometry improves stability and confidence on fast descents. You know, longer and slacker is the holy grail in mountain biking lately, and we've applied a little bit of that sauce into the recipe to create the Terra. A longer front also makes climbing easier, preventing the front wheel from getting off the ground.

  • Higher BB increases clearance with rocks and tree branches.

  • Oversized tubing on both main triangle and the rear stays, for a truly bomb-proof frame in any situation.

  • Dropper compatibility to lower the center of gravity on the descents and again, improve confidence and safety, or simply to be able to dare very technical descents, prohibited for a standard gravel bike.

  • Lots of mounts! We know you love to attach stuff to your bike, so we added 3-Bolt sets to the seat stays, down tube and fork blades. And we also added 2-Bolt sets to the bottom of the down tube and on the top tube for vento bags.

The riding experience with the Terra is not easy to explain, but maybe it could be summed up in one word: freedom. The absence of limits is what really defines this bike. Beyond gravel, it is not strange to find yourself riding without difficulty in a group of mountain bikers.

It rides extremely fast on any surface, it is comfortable, practical, fun and like all our bikes, they are made to spend time out there, and not in a workshop.

As always, equipped with belt transmission and available with Rohloff or Pinion.

There are already two Nua Terra out there, rolling around some part of the world and here we show you some nice parts of those two:

The Nua Terra is now available in our builder in both versions, Rohloff and Pinion.

I hope you liked it, we love it.

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