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Updated: Mar 15, 2022

The Nua Kensho is our sporty and sexy urban racer, made to bomb along the city streets in style. The Pinion version (which we have been offering for a long time), is a success, so we have thought of offering it now also in a single speed version for those who love simplicity.

Single speed bike, titanium bike, custom titanium bike, titanium bike frame, urban bike, sporty racer
Nua Kensho Single Speed

For this prototype we have used the Tune Skyracer carbon saddle (now available in our builder too), at an incredibly featherweight 66 grams that provides incredible comfort. With a maximum rider weight of 100 kg and a cutout to relieve pressure, a serious option to make your Nua as light as possible: in that case a little more than 8Kg! But you can choose a more standard Brooks Cambium saddle, of course.

Tune Skyracer saddle, light saddle, carbon saddle
Tune Skyracer saddle

You can configure your own Nua Kensho single speed o Pinion version in our builder, just going to BIKES menu of our web.

Thanks for reading us! Until next time.

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