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We built this ultra Hi-Tech Roure Pinion for Thierry from Swiss. The bike has some components out of our standard offer, so we thought you should watch it in depth!

Pinion bike, titanium bicycle, titanium frame, blue front hub, cutom rack
Nua Roure Pinion

First of all, a good set of Hope Tech 3 V4 brakes, which are not only striking. CNC'd machined and fully adjustable, they exude a sense of quality and high technology that corresponds to their operation without a doubt. Aided by 180mm floating rotors, the stopping power is second to none, and the feel of the single finger lever is one of total control. We finished the installation of the brake system with some braided stainless housing. We also get braided hoses for the shifting cables, to match the brakes ones.

We also went with Hope for the wheels (hand built in our workshop as always). A Hope Pro 4 front hub and a pretty special Hope Trial/SS hub for the rear wheel. The last one has a special shorter freehub which is perfect for the Gates Carbondrive sprocket, which needs much less space than a chain cassette, so the spokes flanges can be further apart, resulting in a stronger wheel.

The rest of the components had to match all this cnc-machined blue craziness, so we special ordered Pinion for a blue gearbox, and also got the Chris King headset and a Hope seapost collar in blue.

The bike is equipped with our ToroLoco titanium alt-bar, which is picking up a lot of inertia and it seems to like a lot. It is not surprising since its 27º of sweepback make it comfortable but without losing the feeling of control, as it happens with other handlebars with greater angles. And those horns offer a second hand position where you'd normally find hoods on a drop bar, so you have the best of a flat and a dropbar in one bar. We wrapped it with some leather Brooks tape to match the leather Berthoud saddle (with titanium rails, what else?).

We also built a mini Rando front rack, in stainless steel, filled brazed. These racks are also getting popular and will start offering them on our on-line builder.

custom bike rack, custom titanium bike, titanium bicyle
Nua Custom Front Rack

front rack, custom rack, bike rack
Nua Custom Front Rack

We only offer red components as standard, but there is no denying that blue and titanium is also a fascinating combination, right?

titanium bicycle, Chris King headset, Pinion bike
Nua Roure Pinion

Thierry is enjoying his Roure quite a lot, and from time to time he sends us an email with some photos (by the way, we drooled when we saw the bike with those knobby tires...) and short comments like "This bike is amazing. Have a good day", or other longer reviews as the following:

"The bike is just fantastic and it's a little work of art. It behaves very well in all types of terrain. I am really very happy, the bike is very comfortable and works perfectly with the Pinion box. I fitted 3 inch tires this weekend, which turned it into a mini fat bike that really goes everywhere. A big congratulations for your work, it is for me and by far my best bike I never had. Thierry"

And a couple of pics of the bike in it's new nice home:

You can configure your Nua Roure Pinion here:

Or just write to us at

We hope you liked this Nua as much as we did building it. Until next time!

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