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We love it when a former customer, after enjoying his first Nua for a few years, orders a second bike from us. It is the best compliment that can be made of our work. And it happens more often and there are already quite a few “second Nua” bikes that we have out there.

This is the case of Viktor.

After ordering us a Kensho Pinion with some Randonneur saveur, Viktor needed something to travel seriously, well equipped, for any type of terrain, so he thought of ordering a Roure from us this time. And as with his first bike, his second Nua was also going to be something very special…

Here we see it in all its splendor.

custom rack bike, titanium bicycle, rear rack, front rack, custom rear rack
Nua Kensho Pinion

As you can see, Viktor is a lover of minimal and special racks, and he sketched what he had in mind, so Marcos and his torch would do the rest. The front rack is quite original, with a classic touch, and the light and cables are quite integrated. For the rear, he was inspired by a rack from the magicians Victoire (France), to design a minimalist rack thought to install 3 “anythincages” and pack some bikepacking stuff.

The bike has other special touches, like the rear light on the left dropout (we did a custom support), or those Berthoud caps for the bar tape.

Thank you Viktor for trusting us again to make your dreams come true, and we hope you enjoy your 2 Nua bicycles for many years to come.

Viktor feedback:

"I rode my first 200 km on the new Roure and can share my first impressions of it. The bike is really great for long journeys. It is very comfortable and pleasant to ride on. Beautiful frame geometry, welds are perfect as always… The range of the gearbox is wide enough, allowing to comfortably climb up hills. Gear shifting is smooth and crisp. The Pinion transmission is generally a very cool thing! I like how it looks and works when combined with a belt. Very pleased with the ToroLoco handlebar. It's comfortable, it's wide, it allows me to have multiple hand positions, which is important on long journeys, and finally it's just beautiful in my opinion. The Berthoud saddle also turned out to be successful. Many hours of sitting in the saddle does not cause discomfort. Plus it looks very stylish.

By the way, passers-by here in Cyprus have already come up and asked who makes such beautiful bikes. Your bikes and the happy faces of their owners are the best advertisement for your products.))) ¡Larga vida a NUA bikes!"

bikepacking, bicycle bags, bicycle rear rack, bicucle front rack, titanium bicycle, titanium frameset
Kensho Pinion

We hope you liked this Nua as much as we did building it. Until next time!

If you want to see more about our models and components, or if you want to configure your own Nua, do not hesitate to enter our builders in the "Bikes" section of our website or just write to us at

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