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Updated: Oct 18, 2023

If you ride your bike on the weekdays in the city, and you need to transport large and varied objects, but you also go out on the weekend or on vacation with side panniers, you will love our new foldable front rack.

custom rack, bike rack, titanium custom titanium bike rack
Volare Rack

Our Volare rack transforms from a wide platform porteur-style rack to a front pannier rack in seconds. The fixing system, which consists of only 1 screw for each wing, acts quickly and safely, and makes the rack free of any type of vibration or noise.

It can also be useful if you go bikepacking, since the rack adapts to the type of load you need to carry on each of your adventures.

In the city it can be very practical even if you never use side panniers, since when folded it makes your Nua much narrower and easier to get into small spaces.

We spent a lot of time thinking about its design so that it would be quick to transform, but at the same time safe, and above all, that it would follow the Nua philosophy, combining form and function, with a simple and minimalist design reduced to the minimum expression. Constructed of stainless steel, beautifully filled brazed at home. And like all of our racks, it's tailored built for your Nua, so you won't find heavy, ugly adjustable hardware on it.

We've being working in new bikes and with it improoving this rack model. This is a Luna Pinion we sent to Saudi Arabia, and its owner wanted a Volare too. So we built it according to his needs.

custom bicycle rack titanium bike
Nua Luna Pinion - Volare rack

You will find it soon on our on-line builder tool, so stay tuned!

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1 Comment

Johannes Goebel
Johannes Goebel
Feb 23, 2023

Hi Nua-Team, this new

FOLDABLE FRONT RACK looks very cool and is a really nice idea! But the first thing that came to my mind was… Why do you need tools? Is there no other option? I am thinking of a fixed pin you just have to pull.

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