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Updated: Mar 15, 2022

All our bikes are available with two wheel sizes, in the case of Sílice model, our versatile gravel, it clears 700C up to 44mm and 650B up to 57mm tires.

Today we show you two beautiful examples of Sílice's versatility.

Nua Sílice Rohloff for Gabriel, from Switzerland, with 700C 40mm:

Tubus rear rack, carbon fork, titanium bike, gates carbondrive belt system
Nua Sílice Rohloff Titanium Bike

Some of its components:

Rohloff Speedhub,

Gates Carbondrive Drive CDX centerline belt system,

Schwalbe G-One Speed Evolution 40mm Wide Tires,

Tubus Fly Classic Stainless steel rear rack,

Salsa Cowchipper handlebar,

Acros 44 Block_lock headset,

DT Swiss 350 front hub.

Nua Sílice Rohloff for David, from Belgium:, with 650B 50mm:

titanium bike, custom bike, bespoke titanium frame, Gates carbondrive, gravel bike
Nua Sílice Rohloff Titanium Bike

Some of its components:

Panaracer GravelKing TR 47mm wide (Brown sides) tires,

Acros 44 Block_lock headset,

Sram Force 22 Hydraulic brake shifters + Gebla Rohbox + Rotors Shimano,

Tune Geiles Teil stem

Tune Carbon stem spacer,

Gates Crbondrive belt system.

And a custom titanium segmented fork wit 3-bolt mounts.

We hope you liked these versions of Nua Sílice as much as we did building them. Until next time!

If you want to see more about our models and components, or just if you want to configure your own Nua, do not hesitate to enter our builders in the "Bikes" section of our website.

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