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Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Ordering a custom bike has certain advantages. One of them is that you can have the bike you want or need, even if it doesn't exist in the mass-produced bike market.

We present you an example with this Nua that we built for Florian.

piniongearbox titanium bicycle custom bicycle
Sílice Pinion Bike

Let's imagine that you want a racer bike, with a fairly stretched riding position, very low handlebars, road geometry, and an aesthetic to match, with dropped seat stays and an almost horizontal top tube. At the moment you have quite a few options on the market, although if you prefer it to be made of titanium, the options begin to reduce.

bicycle pinion gearbox titanium bicycle
Sílice Pinion Bike

Now imagine you don't want chain/derailleur gears, but rather an innovative internal sequential gearbox, designed by the same engineers who design Porsche gearboxes, and a belt transmission matching it.

Now, as you can imagine, the options on the market are almost non-existent, but they come down to zero when you also want your bike to have certain useful day-to-day touches, like mudguards, integrated rear rack for panniers, a powerful no-battery integrated lighting system or a USB charger. Or you may even want hand-built wheels with high-profile rims and a low spoke count (24 in this case), even though you're going to pair them with long-lasting, almost touring tires or a dynamo hub.

A Nua, and in this one in particular, is a unicorn. You will never see another like it, because it is built according to the needs and preferences of its owner, which are unique and not interchangeable with other people, and this is what makes it so special.

If you want to see more about our models and components, or if you want to configure your own Nua, do not hesitate to enter our builders in the "Bikes" section of our website or just write to us at

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