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Gran Turismo rear and front racks

All of our racks are tailor made for your bike, eliminating the need for adjustable hardware, making them lighter, clean looking and stiff. This Roure Pinion we buit for Jonathan, from United States, is one good example about it. Having the Gran Turismo rear and front rack.

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Nua Roure Pinion - Gran Turismo racks

This rack model have everything you need for long distance touring: versatile wide top platforms to carry almost anything, second level stay for your side panniers, integration of lights and cables if necessary, etc.

Rear and front SON lights integrated to the racks:

Roure Pinion model + Gran Turismo racks = Perfect combo.

This rack and other 3 models are now available for all our bikes, take a look at the racks menú: and choose yours for your next Nua.

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