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Some photos say more than a thousand words...

We're pretty in love with this kind of Sílice configuration.

This is Robby's bike, he contacted us from Canada and for a few months now, he has been enjoying this wonderful Sílice Roholff.

Rohloff, titanium bike, titanium bicycle, speedhub, titanium frame
Nua Sílice Rohloff

Robby wanted to name his bike "Gayle Storm", in honor of a small boat that his parents had when he was younger. So we anodized the name on the top tube.

Titanium custom bike, titanium bicycle, tune, supernova, custom bike
Anodized Name

"...The bike rides beautifully! It truly is awesome and I really appreciate all of your hard work. The detail is impeccable! Took a little getting used to the Rohloff shifting but once I figured out timing it shifted great!..."

Rohloff speedhub, titanium bicycle, titanium bike, titanium frame
Nua Sílice Rohloff

If you want to know more about the components we use, you can visit our website and try our builder to configure your own Nua. Or just write to us at

We hope you liked this Nua as much as we did building it. Until next time!

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