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The adventure begins when you decide to build your own Nua. One created you continue writing it for the rest of your life…

This is a Sílice Rohloff we built for Florian from Germany, and in this blog post you will find, told in first person, how he started with this beautiful experience of owning a Nua…

Titanium bike, titanium bicycle, rohloff speedhub, gravel bike
Nua Sílice Rohloff

Florian's adventure diary (the beginning):

"I did a lot of road- and MTB-cycling the recent years, even commuting to my office, 35 km from my home.

One day I decided to look for a reliable and comfortable but sportive bike for commuting all over the year. Especially during the winter season my "ordinary" bikes suffered a lot here in the Black Forest and I was tired of the permanent maintenance to do.

So I was grubbing the www for some ideas and found NUA.

It was "love at the first sight" 😉... Roberto offered just the things I always dreamed of: Rohloff, belt drive, titanium frames and lots of custom made possibilities.

Some days and collaborative adjustment later the concept of the bike was fixed and the bike itself ordered.

While waiting for the bike to be build my thoughts were "cruising" around and I decided to pick my bike personally in Barcelona instead of "home delivery" and go back by bike to Germany. Just traveling by bike, just as starting my "bike-career" about 30 ago.

So I arrived in Barcelona middle of March, meeting Roberto and touching my new NUA the first time.

On the first sight the NUA was far better than expected. A short happy ride back to the hostel, packing all my things together the "test-ride" back home should start the next morning.

Day 1:

It was amazing, after 7,5 hours of riding the NUA I nearly reached the French boarder and nothing really hurt (except the legs, but that might be not a problem of the bike... 😂), it fits to me perfectly

Day 2:

Because of really heavy rain from early morning to late evening I decided to stay in La Jonquera one more day and do some urgent office work.

Even a not planned rest day was managed by the NUA perfectly! 😉

Day 3:

Some more rain, but no excuses. Starting north early following some adventurous and steep, but very exciting paths to France. Then riding along the coastline with water from all sides... in the end of the day I also managed to crossed some heavy flooded roads. The feet were dipping fully under water while pedaling and once my front bags were fully covered with water...😮

Conclusion: A NUA even works in wet conditions smooth and reliable... 😁

Day 4:

Same as the last day (so boring... 😂)! Lots of water and wind... and some more flooded roads that could not be passed, even not by a NUA... 😛...

After several strange yellow signs, turning around to look for an alternative road... to the next yellow sign... (not very motivating...😭) it was clear I would have to swim to reach Avignon today. So I left the coastline and did a late ride to Nimes.

Conclusion: Even the lighting system of my NUA passed the test!

Day 5:

Perfect conditions today, no rain, up to 21 degrees and lots of backwind... 😁, I did the Mont Ventoux from south and north... (did take a photo, I wanted to say 😉) and stopped riding some km north of Montelimar.

Conclusion: Today I was able to test the bell... works very good, so nothing to complain so far... 😎

Day 6:

The wind was pushing a lot again... 😁, no problems crossing Lyon and heading to Villefrache sur Saone doing some office phone conferences while riding.

Conclusion: You are also able to work while riding a NUA if necessary (but don't let your children try that at home... 😇)

Day 7:

Wind and temperatures changed rapidly, heavy work for head and legs to reach Dole today!

Conclusion: My NUA didn't complain about the conditions...

Day 8:

Half way to Montbeliard a friend met me with his bike and together we managed the strong headwind.

Conclusion: The NUA also get's along with other bikes! 😉

Day 9:

Headwind again, but with the help of my friend and my wife, meeting us at Mulhouse by bike, we reached Freiburg in the afternoon. Several ice creame later we started the last 35 km back home where my children and a very good self made "bike-cake" were waiting for my arrival.

It was a great adventure, the bike worked perfectly in all conditions. I was able to feel the passion the NUA-team fill in their work! Thanks a lot for this great bike!!!

All in all a NUA is the best way to manage his midlife crisis... 😎😂

After this amazing adventure, in the end, my NUA will be bored by just commuting... but some days I'll be surely riding it with bags traveling around and enjoying the great performance!!!"

Many thanks to Florian for taking the time to write this.

We hope you've enjoyed reading this experience as much as we did.

If you want to see more about our models and components, or just if you want to configure your own Nua, do not hesitate to enter our builders in the "Bikes" section of our website

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