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We offer CUSTOM MADE-TO-ORDER BICYCLES as the basis for your very unique and personal build. When you have configured your bike using our bike builder and our personalized advice, we will design it for you in Barcelona.

For those who prefer to build their own bike with their own hands, we also offer FRAMES & FRAMESETS and advice on assembly.

You can also check out our limited editions NUA CONCEPT SERIES.

Last but not least, if your dream bike is a rare bird not available in our current range please drop us a line, we are always happy to hear from you and consider our CUSTOMERS’ SPECIAL PROJECTS.





Exceptional bikes. Engineered with passion.
Buying a Nua doesn’t just mean buying a bike, it means sticking to a concept and an identity. It means being proud of riding a bike made by passionate engineers for discerning riders.
Nua’s bicycles are for pragmatists: minimalism and elegance are our goal. We are focused on details, not on the superfluous. And we aim for performance.
We strive for simplicity & reliability; we embrace technology without losing sight of the refined and timeless aesthetic that defines our bikes.
We put the human at the center of our design process in order to make your bike an extension of your body.
We make unique bikes for unique people.



Titanium frames. Lifetime warranty.
Nua’s philosophy is to create a bike that will last, a timeless treasure, a bike that will be with you for decades. Our bikes are very special objects designed and crafted to be part of your everyday life. We stand firmly against planned obsolescence and we responsibly build durable bikes.
The core of this concept is the backbone of your bike: a solid, sturdy & light frame made out of one of the noblest materials available on earth: titanium. 
The exceptional quality of the Grade 9 Titanium tubes (alloy Ti-3Al-2,5V) we carefully select for our frames allows us to design comfortable and durable frames thanks to the extraordinary corrosion and fatigue resistance properties of this unique and exclusive material. 
The cherry on the cake: each and every of our titanium frames comes with a lifetime warranty.



Gearboxes. Carbon belt drives.
At Nua, we believe that a good bicycle is a bicycle that you can forget while you’re riding it - a natural extension of your body. Perfact shifting, a clean transmission, low noise and nearly maintenance-free bikes are the keys to enjoying your ride and experiencing freedom.
Unconvinced by the traditional derailleur and chain pairing, we believe that state-of-the art shifting and torque transmission technologies provide an unequaled riding experience in line with this vision.
For this reason, we proudly offer Gearbox-based bikes coupled with gates carbon belt drives. We have carefully selected partners like PINION for their P-Line and C-Line central gearboxes. For internal gear hub lovers, we work with Shimano Alfine and Rolhoff Speedhub systems. We do not forget the simplicity seekers and of course offer Single-speed belt drive configurations as the simplest solution.



Expertise. Attention to detail. 
At Nua, the people who provide you with advice when creating your dream build will be the exact same people who sign off on the drawings of your frame, make the stringent quality control checks and finally build your bike in-house. This means we care about every single detail of your bike like no one else!
As passionate bicycle manufacturers, we really do care for every bike that we create as if it were our own child and – truly - nearly cry when each one leaves the workshop. Each and every one of our bikes is assembled by hand, with love and care (including the wheel assembly). One bike at a time and by a single mechanic. 100% of our bicycles are meticulously ride-tested before being shipped to you.
On top of that, this truly dedicated small team offers a lifetime frame warranty and provides unlimited customer service in case you need advice or help in solving any component related problems. We are here for you and always happy to hear from our bikes!


“Nua concept series” are the custom bikes that we would build for ourselves – offered to you at the best prices.
We are launching the “Concept series” for those looking for a bargain on a Nua signature design.They are concept bikes, non-customizable and available by preorder only. Thanks to this slightly larger production in small batches, you can make the most of your money without compromising on the exceptional quality of a high-end titanium bike. With cutting-edge frame design and the finest components selected by ourselves, this limited edition concept allows you to get a genuine Nua for a lower price.
The first ever “Nua concept” will be released soon and we’ve decided to celebrate Nua’s urban, classy and sporty identity and mix it up with a bit of knobby off-road taste and refined curvy lines. Legendary Rolhoff internal gear hubs, Gates belt drives and integrated lights are in! The Nua Arco is born! More news soon.


The motto of the Nua Silice could be “fast but comfortable, everywhere”. This is our titanium “road plus” , a road bike/commuter mix on steroids with improved off-road capabilities and drop bars(some will call it a gravel bike though). 
Designed to tackle any terrain with an interesting bit of added comfort thanks to tires with three times the air volume of normal road tires (up to 650x48mm tires vs 700x28mm maximum normally), this bicycle is at ease and surprisingly fast on city streets, asphalt roads, gravel roads and even on some singletracks for the most audacious. 
Sporty yet convenient, it comes with a light and responsive tapered thru axle Carbon fork and is equipped with Curana mudguards that will make your rides as clean as your Gates belt drive.
This fast machine is stopped by powerful TRP hr/hd discbrakes activated by microSHIFT levers, which work perfectly with the silent and maintenance-free Shimano Alfine 11 gear hub. For Rolhoff lovers, we offer the option of a Speedhub with Sram Force 22 levers and brakes.
Silice. For those who demand more from their bicycle.
Complete custom sized Silice from 3590€ (excl. taxes & shipping)
Configure your own Silice complete bike here
Configure your own Silice Framekit here.


Into the wild! The “Salvaje” (spanish for “wild”) is a modern and incredibly versatile off-road machine designed to expand your range of exploration and decrease the need for maintenance.
This spirited mountain bike is ready for any adventure, whatever the weather, whatever the terrain, thanks to the state-of-the-art combination of a sturdy Pinion gearbox and a durable Gates belt drive. In addition, huge plus-size knobby tires (27,5 x 3,0”) paired to a feather-weight icelandic-designed Lauf TR suspended fork deliver an unequaled riding experience on any surface both in terms of grip and comfort. In other words: just focus on the landscape and seek the path less travelled, your companion will not require any attention and is at ease everywhere!
Mounted with MTB riser bars it will allow you to tackle your favorite local trails like never before, and kitted out with bikepacking-specific bars, racks and bags you could confidently embark on a maintenance-free unsupported world tour with this audacious adventurer. 
So, where will your Salvaje take you?
Complete custom sized Salvaje from 4995€ (excl. taxes & shipping)
Configure your Salvaje complete bike here.
Configure you Salvaje framekit here.


Have you ever wished you had a bike that could do everything? Which would adapt to any terrain and any climate? The Nua Audaç is the answer to your dreams. Equally perfect for urban commuting, weekend trekking, touring, or mountain adventures, it is our do-it-all, fully equipped bike.
Fast, light, and elegant, sporting the latest Shimano internally geared Alfine hub (or Rolhoff speedhub, available as an option), it will take on any degree of slope whatever the terrain, aided by its gravel tires and 700C wheels. Titanium flat handlebars offer a comfortable yet dynamic and versatile riding position.
To make this machine a true all-rounder, capable of riding in the dark, in the rain, when you have a heavy load, we’ve selected a clean, maintenance-free Gates belt drive, a Shutter Precision dynamo-hub feeding Supernova’s powerful LED lights (with internal wire routing), Shimano hydro-disc brakes, a Tubus rack, and Curana mudguards (with a stealthily integrated rear light). 
Do not sacrifice performance and elegance over capability. Choose one bike. Choose the Nua Audaç.
Complete custom sized Audaç from 3295€ (excl. taxes & shipping)
Configure your Audaç complete bike here.
Configure your Audaç  framekit here.



Fast and stealth like a dangerous savage beast, the Nua Bestia is a performant titanium machine designed for the most adventurous cyclists. Perfect hybrid between a drop-bar gravel, a dirt tourer and a plus wheeled mountain bike, this “monster gravel” will bring you further than any other bike.

The concept: transcending the average gravel bike in order to make it limitless off-road thanks to bigger tires and the possibility to mount a front suspension on a bike designed around a gravel geometry. The pedalling position is kept highly efficient thanks to a Salsa Cowchipper dirt drop bar. Wide 27,5x3.0” Schwalbe G-One Allround tires provide extra off-road confort, grip and low rolling resistance.


The heart of the bike is a sturdy Pinion gearbox controlled by a set of extremely fluid CinqFive Shift:R Road shifters allowing the use of powerful hydraulic TRP Hylex road brakes. Like always at Nua, a Gates CDX belt drive is mounted to ensure minimal maintenance is required and allow you to plan the largest trips without worrying.

Thanks to the complete electric equipment kit – composed of a Shutter Precision dynamo hub, a Cinq5 USB charger and a set of Supernova dynamo powered front and rear lights – you will be autonomous in energy.

Whatever the destination, you will be surprised how fast you will travel unsupported with your Nua la Bestia!

Complete custom sized Bestia from 5295€ (excl. taxes & shipping)

Configure your own La Bestia complete bike here. 

Configure your own La Bestia framekit here. 




The Dual is the epitome of our philosophy: versatility, cutting-edge technology and maintenance-free durability. All combined in a machine with the minimalist, elegant and timeless look that characterizes all our bikes.
The Dual has been designed to live a double life: on weekdays it is a comfortable and speedy urban commuter; on weekends it morphs into a spirited off-roader, ready for any adventure. A bike for everything and forever, thanks to its 27,5 inch - 60mm wide tires, which offer traction and comfort on any off-road track, while rolling effortlessly on asphalt. 
The heart of the Dual is the fabulous duo of Pinion and Gates: a state-of-the-art gearbox mechanism seamlessly integrated into the frame, and a clean and silent belt transmission, working together in perfect harmony. The exceptional performance and superb aesthetics are also guaranteed by our components, all constructed from titanium, the only material that offers both rigidity and comfort. 
Are you ready to live a double life?
Complete custom sized Dual from 4295€ (excl. taxes & shipping)
Configure your own Dual complete bike here.
Configure your own Dual framekit here.


The Nua Kensho is our sporty and sexy gearbox-equipped urban racer, made to bomb along the city streets in style.
It features the low maintenance of a single-speed, but sports the versatility of (at least) the six gears provided by a sturdy Pinion C1.6 gearbox paired to a Gates belt drive
To make this extravagant titanium commuter fast and light, we equipped it with a responsive yet comfortable carbon fork and a stealth-black pair of Crank brothers Cobalt 1 wheels shoed with super slick 700x35 Schwalbe Kojak tires. A classy and timeless Thomson stem and seatpost will satisfy the most discerning eye.
The cherry on the cake: this speedy urban bike is safely stopped by aggressive Shimano XT hydraulic disc brakes. Coming from the mountain bike world, they provide totally city-proof braking power.
Are you ready to tear up the asphalt?
Complete custom sized Kensho from 3395€ (excl. taxes & shipping)
Configure your Kensho complete bike here.
Configure your Kensho framekit here.


Whether you call it adventure cycling, expedition biking or just plain travel , the Nua Roure is a two wheeled exploration vehicle designed to meet your requirements and exceed them - wherever you plan to go. The Roure is our fully equipped and supremely rugged off-roader, a true bikepacking & biketouring weapon.
We wanted it light: its frame and fork are constructed from Grade 9 Titanium tubes.
We wanted it classy: it sports Nua’s elegant range of titanium components and a Gilles Berthoud leather saddle with a vintage aesthetic.
We wanted it comfortable: it rocks knobby Schwalbe G-one 27,5x3” plus tires for better traction and shock absorption.
We wanted it robust: its transmission is a Gates CDX carbon belt drive paired with a Pinion Gearbox. It’s safe to say this set-up does not require a lot of maintenance.
We wanted it to perform: Shimano XT hydraulic disc brakes will stop you anytime, whatever the load you’re carrying (you can even opt for the 4 piston version should you wish).
Finally, we wanted it convenient: Supernova lights fed by a Shutter Precision or Son Dynamo hub will light your path anytime, and racks can be added if and when needed.
Go ahead and plan your next trip in the outdoors; we’ve got you covered with the Roure.


Complete custom sized Roure from 4795€ (excl. taxes & shipping)

Configure your Roure complete bike here.

Configure your Roure framekit here.


The Nua Minima is your best bet if you are looking for the mythic ride quality of Nua bikes without breaking the bank. This is our synthesis of what a modern urban commuter should be like: minimal, and focused on the essential. 
Rocking a Nua titanium frame, Nua carbon fork and Shimano disc brakes, it offers the finest components at a reasonable price.
Sporting a Gates CDN belt and cranks, DT Swiss wheels hand assembled in-house, and a Lightskin handlebar and seatpost with integrated lights, the Minima is equipped with the essentials of modern urban life and nothing superfluous. 
The Minima(list) approach of this configuration is designed for the best mind-liberating riding experience: one gear, one rider, one road. Forget your bike and focus on the Nua riding sensations!
For those worried about a single speed or looking for a bit more versatility in hilly cities, Shimano Alfine 8 and 11 speed gear hubs are available as an option. 
Less is better.
Complete custom sized Minima from 2200€ (excl. taxes & shipping)
Configure your Minima Singlespeed complete bike here.
Configure your Minima Alfine complete bike here.
Configure your Minima framekit here.


The Nua Classica was our first production bike, the origen of Nua Bikes. A single speed stripped of everything superfluous. Simple, light, and incredibly agile on the street thanks to its comfortable and stylish titanium frame.
Designed for lovers of classic and neo-retro bicycles, the slender tubes of the frame, the old-school look of the segmented titanium fork, and the Brooks leather components give the impression that time has stood still for this piece of art. 
The same commitment to timeless, easy-to-maintain simplicity led us to choose road rim brakes for the Classica.
The only hint of modernity: the Gates belt drive, which makes this bike silent, clean and exclusive – in other words: desirable.
Built with the highest quality components, it guarantees many years of enjoyment with minimal maintenance.  A landmark design from Barcelona.
Complete custom sized Classica from 2395€ (excl. taxes & shipping)
Configure  your Clasica complete bike here.
Configure your Clasica framekit here. 


The Nua Tramuntana is our sporty and high-performance all-road machine, a bicycle stripped of the superfluous and made to be fast and light on and off-road.
Traditional 700C wheels shoed with tires anywhere from 32mm up to 44mm wide mean this drop bar bike is at ease on asphalt or gravel roads depending on what type of tires you choose: slick for road and urban rides or knobby for the more adventurous.
The essence of the Tramuntana is comfort with performance, and with that in mind we’ve designed it around a complete titanium chassis, including both the frame and fork. The properties of this extraordinary material paired with the generous tires will easily filter out the bumps on any surface.
The sturdy and efficient transmission comprises a gates CDX carbon belt drive combined with a proven Rolhoff Speedhub 14 speed internal gear hub. Sram Force road shifters and brake levers are paired with a Rohbox to control the shifting and the powerful Sram hydraulic disc brakes.
Last but not least, the Tramuntana is adaptable and accepts optional dynamo hubs, lights or racks.
How fast can you ride your Tramuntana?
Complete custom sized Tramuntana from 4430€ (excl. taxes & shipping)
Configure your Tramutana complete bike here.

Configure your Tramuntana framekit here.


The Nua Electrica is the fastest and most technologically advanced commuter bike we have designed to date. This elegant E-bike brings the Nua philosophy to the next level and lets us express ourselves using cutting-edge technology to create the “Nua of the future”. 
Incredibly light, perfectly integrated and totally silent, this complete E-bike can be pedaled like a normal bike as it weighs less than 13kg depending on your configuration – that’s less than most of the non-electric bikes out there! The beauty of this extremely simple concept lies in pairing a Zehus motor battery combo and a maintenance-free Gates belt drive. 
For a feeling of total freedom while cruising the city at light speed, the Zehus does not require a handlebar display computer – unless you wish to connect your smartphone for ultimate control - and has a wide range of autonomy (30km in Turbo fully assisted mode or an infinite range using the exclusive self-charging mode that will set you free from electric plugs). 
Are you ready for Nua-powered moments of pure effortless two-wheeled joy?
Complete custom sized Electrica from 3995€ (excl. taxes & shipping)
Available in Europe only
Configure your Electrica complete bike here.

Info & Contact

We are a small bicycle builder based in the inspiring city of Barcelona, where we make our bikes to order. The rich urban and design culture of the city inspires our city range, but our off-road heart lies in the mountains of the Montseny, in the Girona biking paradise, where we have a second workshop and where we test our gravel machines.
To order, please get in touch with us by e-mail. We speak English, Catalan, and Spanish. We will then liaise with you to jointly design your custom bicycle, and manage prepayment and shipment. We will provide you with personalized assistance throughout the whole design process: this is our added value.
If you are interested in who are behind NuaBikes, click here.
Nua is the Catalan word for nude. Our name reveals much about our philosophy and about our bikes. We try to be genuine in everything we do, searching for the essence of things and acting accordingly.I

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Humans behind NuaBikes

Roberto is the passionate founder of Nua bikes. This former mechanical and materials engineer once decided to live the dream and quit the impersonal design of complex industrial machines. He chose to stay true to his stronger-than-ever passion for bicycles and launched Nua bikes, his child dream. He engineers the bicycles, manage the suppliers and accompany you in the creation process of your personal Nua.
Rebecca was here since the beginning of the project: she  has been multitasking for a time, translating our texts with is own style in a perfect english and animating social networks and web related topics. Marcos and Antoine, two avid and passionate bicycles enthusiasts, cyclists and former bespoke frame builders then joined the team.
Marcos manages the workshop, assembles our bicycles with the highest attention to details and builds our custom-racks with his beloved torch (and sometimes build a bike or two for himself).
Antoine is a production engineer and basically our communicator. As a kind of swiss-army knife he is in charge of moving the company image with partnerships and social Medias, but helps with customer service, sales and product development too (he also usually test ride our prototypes in the toughest manner).
The four of us are intending to grow a human, experienced and passionate company.


Nuabikes frames carry a lifetime guarantee for the original owner against defects in workmanship and materials.

Nuabikes components carry the suppliers’ 2-year warranty.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, unauthorized modifications, damage due to accidents, etc.

The customer shall cover all costs associated with the shipping of the defective material to Nuabikes S.L. (situated in Barcelona, Spain).

More details of our warranty can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions relate to bicycles, components, accessories and other items supplied by us (Nuabikes) to you (the Client). By using the site nuabikes.com you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


All Nuabikes prices are in euros unless expressly stated otherwise. Prices shown on the web include value added tax. Prices do not include shipping, import and export duties, or any fees or taxes other than VAT. When a Client orders or pre-orders a bicycle, Nuabikes will send the Client a pro-forma invoice with the final price, including the cost of selected accessories and the shipping costs. Payment must be made in advance, by bank transfer to our account, within the timeframe specified in the pro-forma invoice.


The delivery period will be specified in the pro-forma invoice, prior to payment by the Client.

Whilst Nuabikes will make every effort to deliver all your goods within the agreed time period, Nuabikes will not be liable if we fail to do so in part or in full due to circumstances beyond Nuabikes’ control. Delivery will be made to the address specified by the Client in the completed order form.


The Client must carefully inspect the products immediately upon receiving them, and must inform Nuabikes in writing of any complaints regarding defects to the products or any discrepancy between the items supplied and the items listed in the pro-forma invoice, no more than 5 days after the receipt of the products.

Once Nuabikes have notified the Client of receipt of correspondence, the Client should then return the relevant item in adequate packaging to Nuabikes’ business address. The Client is responsible for the cost of returning any item to Nuabikes unless the item is defective or Nuabikes have delivered the item to the Client in error or as a substitute. The item should be returned to Nuabikes in its original condition. If Nuabikes do not receive the item from the Client, Nuabikes may arrange for collection of the item from the Client at the Client’s cost


For all products delivered to the client which were obtained by Nuabikes from a third party supplier, Nuabikes shall at no time be obliged to honour a warranty in respect of the Client which is further-reaching than that which Nuabikes can claim from the third party supplier.

If any product supplied by Nuabikes to the Client is defective, Nuabikes may choose at their discretion between:

• sending a replacement item upon the return of the original item;

• repairing the affected items;

• granting the client a discount on the purchase price (to be agreed by mutual consent).

The above warranty, or any implied warranty, does not cover: damage caused by the incorrect use of the product; bikes or componants which have been modified by a third party (unless specifically authorised by Nuabikes); damage caused by failure to follow the instructions for use; normal maintenance tasks; normal wear and tear.


The entire liability of Nuabikes under or in connection with these terms and conditions shall not exceed the price of the items supplied.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that all graphical representations and descriptions of products available from Nuabikes are correct, Nuabikes is not responsible for any variations from these descriptions.

Except as is provided by this warranty, Nuabikes and its employees and agents shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever, whether for personal injury, property damage or economic losses (including incidental and consequential loss or damage caused by negligence or default) arising from or concerning any Nuabikes bicycle, or its use or resale by the Client.


Nuabikes will try to solve disagreements quickly and efficiently, because we want satisfied clients. In the unlikely event that a Client wishes to take legal action, the Client must do so under Spanish law and using the Spanish court system. Any disputes arising from the Agreement or these Terms shall be brought excusively before the competent court in Barcelona.


1. A los efectos de lo dispuesto en la Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal, así como en el R.D. 1720/2007, de 21 de diciembre, por el que se aprueba su reglamento de desarrollo, se informa que los datos facilitados por el/la USUARIO/A en la adquisición de los productos del Portal (nuabikes.com) o en la subscripción a su Newsletter, se incorporarán a un fichero del que es responsable NUABIKES S.L., con la finalidad de gestionar la relación contractual y la realización de actividades promocionales y publicitarias de productos y/o servicios propios por cualquier medio, incluidos los electrónicos.

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