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Updated: Mar 2, 2022

We have many special details to tell you about this Nua in particular.

MONSTER GRAVEL BIKE, Salsa Firestarter Carbon fork, Adventure bike

This is a Nua Bestia and it is becoming one of the most appreciated models by our clients because of being a super vitaminized gravel, not only by its condition of riding on any terrain but also for doing things that you would only do with a mountain bike. This is thanks to the wide tires and to the geometry that is prepared for longer forks. We normally build this model with 27.5 x 3” wheels, but it is also compatible with 29er x 2.2”. So that is what Henry asked for.

This Bestia has a rigid and long Salsa Firestarter Carbon fork, but it could be changed for a suspension fork if you wish it, because as we told you, the geometry in this frame is prepared for longer forks.

Let's not forget the pinion gearbox that all of us already know and like!

Berthoud saddle

A third element that makes la Bestia very off-road oriented is their seatpost dropper option, installed by internal cabling and working with a lever on the handlebar to adapt it to different conditions of your pedaling route. It was the first bike we built with this system.

Also, on the handlebar, it has an ingeniously installed USB charger. The fork didn't have an internal routing for the cable so we had to do it from the outside. We have also had to innovate in the installation of the rear light, we couldn't do it in the seatpost because of its dropper system, so we did it in the dropout by request of the client, which honestly, when it is on, generates an amazing effect on the ground. Sometimes we have to improvise and innovate, that is what custom implies…

So, all this is what makes it different from a normal gravel bike, everything about this Bestia indicates that it is built for adventure and mountains and turns it into a “monster gravel”.

This is a mind blower bike!!

In this link you can configure the Nua Bestia with the standard options, although we are open to your preferences...

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